Personal Historian

Making memories last forever!

Rockland, Maine

(207) 975-0508

My name is Meghan Vigeant and I am a personal historian. I help individuals and organizations write and publish their stories – from memoirs and family history books to community cookbooks and organizational histories, and more.
I started Legacy Preserves to help people rediscover their memories, preserve their stories, and build stronger relationships with the people they love.


  • Writing Approach – I’ll guide you through the process of writing your memoir, prompt your memories, help focus your narrative, review and discuss your writing in private meetings, and provide editing assistance.
  • Conversation Approach – Writing is as easy as having a conversation. I’ll record our talks and use your words from the recording to create the manuscript. I edit the text for flow and clarity, and prepare the manuscript for publishing.


  • Private Publishing Services – Editing your manuscript, scanning your photos, and managing book design, printing and delivery of small batches of books in your choice of leather bound, hardcover, or paperback.
  • Recorded Conversations – An audio recording of your stories is an affordable way to preserve your personal history.
  • Audio and Multimedia Stories – Using a recorded conversation and your photographs I’ll help you tell a specific story for your family, friends, or community in an audio or multimedia (video) format.

I believe everyone has a story worth preserving.

There are many reasons to preserve your story:

  • Preserve your family history and memories
  • Pass on your life lessons and wisdom to younger generations
  • Celebrate a milestone event – birth, marriage, anniversary, retirement, reunion, etc.
  • A tribute to someone who has passed away
  • Gain insight into the struggles, choices and forces that shaped your life
  • Heal from a life marked by pain or tragedy
  • Find direction in your life
  • Write a best-selling memoir

My Story - Before becoming a personal historian I worked in theater and radio. In 2009 I had an opportunity to live and work on Swan's Island, off the coast of Maine. For two years I led a team of volunteers to gather stories and photographs. I conducted oral history interviews, produced over thirty audio and multimedia documentaries, and wrote a book of their stories and island history. During my time on the island I grew to love the people who had shared their stories with me. Half of the men and women in the book have passed away since it was first published, but their stories live on. I saw how powerful this work was for the personal lives and the families it touched. After my work on the island I realized I could use my skills to help others tell their personal histories and Legacy Preserves began.